Dundee tennis boys 'can be as good as the Murrays' – Evening Telegraph

As Grand Slam champion and Scottish sporting legend Andy Murray moves closer to the end of his illustrious tennis career, the country will soon need a new hero.

Looking a little bit beyond Dunblane, where Andy and fellow star brother Jamie were raised, Scotland could have two new tennis champions.

Former Broughty Ferry Tennis Club fledglings Ruari McLennan and Christopher Horgan, both 14, are ranked first and third respectively in the Scottish male U/14 rankings.

Coached by Nicolas Rosenzweig at Stirling University, third year Grove Academy pupil McLennan is also ranked 58th in the whole of the UK.

Ruari McLennan

McLennan has won his last four tournaments in a row, two of which came at U/16 level, with October’s Newlands Junior Tournament an U/18 event.

Horgan, too, has downed boys three years his senior, lifting the trophy at the U/18 David Lloyd, Newhaven County Tour three weeks ago.

No 1 ranked McLennan is ready to take the next step in his fledgling career in 2018 as he moves up an age group level and takes his game abroad.

McLennan said: “I was better than the guys ahead of me and got the points to overtake them so I’m delighted to be No 1 now.

“I won quite a big U/16 tournament recently but before I move up I’d like to get into the top 10 in the British U/14s.

“I was going to go to Norway in December but can’t, I’ve got a big tournament in France in the new year, however.”

And he has even bigger ambitions for the not so distant future.

“In a few years time I want to be playing Wimbledon juniors and then seniors — I want to go pro once I leave school,” McLennan added.

“I play off the base-line and am quite offensive, but I know I need to work hard to get there.”

Horgan, although now working on his game at the Gannochy National Tennis Centre in Striling as part of the Tennis Scotland pathway, still maintains contact with those at Broughty Ferry.

Christopher Horgan

“They got me started off I guess,” Horgan said.

“They got me to a high level at U/12 and I’ve taken my game on at Stirling.

“The facilities here are great, the gym and the courts. There’s quality players from all over Scotland here.

“It feels pretty good to be third in the rankings, it’s like all the hard work is paying off now.”

With both boys moving up to play U/16 level tennis, base-line player Horgan knows their current ranking means nothing as they must prove themselves and start again.

He said: “Next year we’ll move up a group but it really doesn’t faze us.

“We have both already played and won against older boys, it’s just our rankings that will change.

“Beyond that I just need to see where it goes.”

The boys’ ex-coach at Broughty Ferry, Craig Barr, is adamant both can make it to the top of the sport, but only through hard work and dedication.

“They are both, clearly, progressing very well,” Barr said.

“Considering they are ranked No 1 and 3 in Scotland for their age group, they have the ability to get to the top but I wouldn’t jump that high up just yet.

“The boys have natural talent but we did give them a wee helping hand with the facilities at the club.

“They have to put in the effort to get to that top level and to turn professional in a few years time.”

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