Golfers defy odds to hit back-to-back holes-in-one

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Media captionTwo friends from Berkshire hit two hole in ones on the same day and the same hole.

A pair of amateur golfers have defied astronomical odds by hitting consecutive holes-in-one.

Jayne Mattey and Clair Shine achieved the feat on the 13th hole at the East Berkshire Golf Club in Crowthorne, Berkshire, on Saturday.

The National Hole-In-One-Registry has calculated the odds of two players from the same foursome acing the same hole as 17 million to 1.

Ms Shine said the freak occurrence was “just so exciting”.

The golfers had never played with one another, before being put together in the same foursome during a club practice session.

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Jayne Mattey had just returned to golf after a four-year absence

Ms Mattey, who has just returned to the game after a four-year absence, took her shot first, using a pitching wedge for the 80 or 90-yard shot.

She said: “It hit the pin, and from where we were standing on the tee it looked like it had bounced back.

“So it was a surprise to see it in the hole.”

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Both women used a pitching wedge

Ms Shine, the more experience golfer, then took her shot, also using a pitching wedge – and, remarkably, that went straight in too.

“As we were coming towards the green I heard all the commotion,” she said.

“We did high fives and probably a little dance – I can’t remember because it was just so lovely.”

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