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The game has many common features that are intricately bound with business; the strategy employed in chess is very similar to the one used in developing a corporate strategy. Thus many business people and corporate heads enjoy playing a game of chess

Terrian Chess Academy has entered into a partnership with the Swedish Grandmaster (GM) and national team captain Pontus Carlsson. 

This will see the Grandmaster lead the chess training program for Kenyan schoolchildren, with the goal of making Kenya a chess powerhouse, as well as empowering the youth with logical thinking, planning, memorization techniques and visualization skills; which will be critical aids in shaping their lives.

This partnership will enable participants to positively impact the society as they participate in and support the “Business Meets Suburbs” module, enjoy and do business in the Chessbiz !Network, enroll staff for training in a corporate chess course or get your own exclusive GM visit!

The Colombian born Swedish Grandmaster Pontus Carlsson is a familiar face at the International chess scene. He was the second black Grandmaster in the world and has been a member of the Swedish national team since 2005.

As a player he has won many titles and international tournaments as his list of merits above show.

Pontus is a very skilled, strategical guy with great pedagogical skills. He speaks seven languages and is an educated language teacher and market economist.

He invented and runs the big social project “Business Meets Suburbs” which is a project for integration and towards segregation with chess as the bridging tool that brings top business executives together with kids from the suburbs in a meeting on equal terms!

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