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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The University at Buffalo football team made their return to the field for spring practice, with a bit of a different look. The Bulls lost star quarterback Tyree Jackson, and their top two receivers in Anthony Johnson and KJ Osborn. But that means there’s a  whole lot of opportunity for the younger guys to step up, including at that quarterback spot, where there’s a true competiton.  

“We’ve been excited about the quarterback position for a long time here,” said Head Coach Lance Leipold. “Kyle Vantrese had a chance to start some games a few years ago and then we had the benefit of being able to redshirt him last season. Domininc Johnson was able to play his most football. We’ve always been excited about what Matt Myers was going to bring our program and he showed flashes of that last year,” said Leipold.

“Tyree obviously did a great job paving the way for us,” said quarterback Dominic Johnson. “I’m doing what I can to enstill confidence in me, the coaches so they’re confident in what I can do. I’m doing what I’ve been doing with leadership off the field  too, with the guys and judtdoing what I can do to help the team,” said Johnson.

“It’s been great taking the next opportunity in the leadership in the locker room and on the field,” said quarterback Kyle Vantrease. “You know, Tyree set a really good example, I’ve been putting in the work and bringing some guys with me whether it’s Dom, Matt, anyone else who wants to get some extra work, but it’s been really good, and really fun,” said Vantrease. 

“Dom and Kyle are great, but I feel that I bring a different kind of game with the dual threat,” said quarterback Matt Myers. “I can run and throw. So last year it really helped me out a lot knowing the mental side of the game,” said Myers.

While there’s still plenty of time for that competition to shake out, spring practice conlcudes April 12th, with the spring game at UB. 

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